The Tale of Robert Kabiito

Where can we find Robert Kabiito today, and are you familiar with his journey? In 2010, Robert suffered severe injuries in a hit-and-run incident involving a pick-up truck while he was in the Village of Kaihura. In response to this emergency, BHTF promptly provided assistance to meet Robert’s immediate needs.

BHTF arranged for Robert’s transfer to Kampala, where he received treatment for multiple fractures. Initially, there was uncertainty about whether he would ever regain the ability to walk. Over the course of approximately one (1) year, Robert underwent a healing process, and the dedicated staff at BHTF stepped in to provide for his daily care and support.

Today, has graduated from the University of the Mountains of the Moon, where he received a degree in finance and banking. His education is made possible through sponsorship arranged by BHTF with the help of a friend in the USA. Robert is now 24 years old and is thriving with his new job in the capital of Uganda, Kampala.