Our Team



Dr Faith Philo Kunihira
Founder/Executive Director

Awarded Doctorate in Humanities and holds a diploma in accounting. For more than two decades, she has dedicated herself to inspiring and supporting families.

Team Members


Mr. Stephen Murunga

Project Coordinator/ Assistant Executive Director

Bachelors in social work and has dedicated more than five years of service to Bringing Hope To The Family. Having once benefited from the program, he is now a driving force in supporting it within the organization.


Prossy Babone

Administrator/ Human Resource Manager

Masters in public administration and human resources. She has worked with Bringing Hope to The Family for 8 years. She is actively contributing to the same program that once supported her within the organization.


Mary Tibasiima

Accountant/ Financial Oversight Officer


Diploma in Accounting
She has been with Bringing Hope to The Family for 10 years. Overseeing managing, and strategically planning the financial aspects of the nonprofit to ensure its financial health and sustainability.


Georgina Kabatalesa

Principal New Hope vocational Institute

The Principal of New Hope Vocational Institute possesses a Diploma in Public Administration. She has been associated with Bringing Hope To The Family for 18 years. A seasoned veteran of the organization she has dedicated numerous years to contributing her expertise and fostering its growth.


Julius Kugonza

New Hope Vocational Institute

Julius Kugonza is a seasoned professional who has been an integral part of our team at Bringing Hope to the Family for several years. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effective administration of the organization and enhancing its overall well-being.