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Home Again Children's Home

Home Again Children’s Home is a key division of Bringing Hope to the Family, and has been operational for an extended period. This Children’s Home supports 182 children. It serves as a sanctuary for children in the community who have faced abandonment, solitude without kin, or displacement following their parents’ demise. Typically, these children arrive in a state of distress, necessitating a period of rehabilitation. The age range of children at Home Again spans from 2 months to 17 years. This establishment offers a nurturing, Christian setting, focusing on the care of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Additionally, Home Again facilitates educational opportunities for these children, encompassing nursery, primary, and secondary schooling. Moreover, many children are afforded the chance to pursue university education. Home Again Children’s Home is committed to empowering these young individuals through education, aiming to disrupt the poverty cycle in their lives. The goal is to cultivate them into leaders and virtuous role models within their communities.

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Home Again Children’s Home

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