This institute was started to address the challenges faced by the orphans who were dropping out of school due to the sickness of their parents. After the death of their parents, they failed to go back to the formal education system, and so they opted to go to work or to get married. The organization offers these OVC skills in tailoring, hairdressing, business communication, carpentry, welding, business English, basic agricultural practices, knitting and craft, bricklaying and concrete practice, and general knowledge. The vocational school has graduated more than 400 girls, 80 boys in the last 12 years.
Currently, there are 78 girls and 25 boys in New Hope Vocational Training Institute. These girls and boys will require support and startup kits to be able to go out and be self-reliant. Most of these OVCs have lost their parents and cannot afford to pay for their school dues or provide basic needs to sustain them at the school. This remains a challenge to the organization as well as the OVC themselves.