Our Story

Dr. Faith Philo Kunihira established Bringing Hope to the Family in the year 2000 with the purpose of addressing the challenges brought about by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kaihura, Uganda.

Dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals affected by this crisis, the organization provides essential community assistance to inspire optimism and cultivate long-lasting positive transformations.


Our Mission

Bringing Hope to the Family offers assistance and encouragement to orphaned and displaced families, fostering optimism and enhancing the well-being of communities impacted by HIV and AIDS, impoverishment, and unforeseen hardships.

We employ a comprehensive approach to facilitate the transformation of families from a state of dependency to achieving self-sustainability.


Empower families with essential resources, fostering a transition from dependency to economic self-sufficiency.

Our initiative is focused on providing essential skills in key sectors such as agriculture and business management, with the goal of fostering enduring and positive change. This approach is highly valuable, as it aims to promote sustainable development and economic advancement by equipping individuals with vital skills in these areas.