Future Hope
Crisis Centre


Future Hope Crisis Centre (FHCC) Advocacy through Specialized Vocational Training

Bringing Hope to the Family  Future Hope Crisis Centre (FHCC), we aim to empower these young girls to make choices that are best for their future while providing them with the support and resources they need to thrive despite the challenges they may face. Our mission is to ensure that no young girl’s education or future is derailed by an unexpected pregnancy.
A vocational school designed for Future Hope Crisis Centre (FHCC) staff would provide essential skills to effectively support individuals facing unexpected pregnancies. Courses may cover active listening, communication, and empathy skills to foster a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Skills offered cover reproductive health education, counseling skills, and knowledge of available resources to empower FHCC staff in providing comprehensive assistance to those in crisis. This vocational education would aim to equip individuals with the practical skills such as hairdressing, crafts making, business development, and knowledge needed to navigate sensitive situations and offer meaningful support within a crisis pregnancy center.