New Hope Vocational Institute
Dorcus Domestic Science School has offered a future to more than 320 Orphan by offering the skills in tailoring, Nursery teaching, Handcrafts, carpentry, and Modernized Agriculture.New Hope Vocational School provides teenagers who have missed out on the opportunity to attend school the chance to receive a basic education while learning trade skills.Read More...
Hope Academy Nursery and Primary School
Bringing Hope to the Family saw a need for a nursery and primary school for the children at Home Again Children’s Home. So in 2007, BHTF established Hope Academy nursery and primary school to offer quality education to the Home Again children and the community. Read More...
Hope Again Medical Clinic
The medical Clinic is fully registered with the Ministry of Health and works hand in hand with the district health department and Baylor Uganda to offer medical treatment to the local communities and support to the HIV/AIDs positive people especially the orphans and their caretakers. Read More...

Child Welfare Program
One of Bringing Hope to the Family’s main focuses is on the welfare of the children in their surrounding communities. Besides the more than 60 children in Home Again, they also have over 2000 children enrolled in their Child Welfare Program. Read More...
Home Again Children's Home
With a population of 95 children and a staff of 8 people, Home Again Children’s Home is a place for children in our community who have been abandoned, left alone without relatives, or chased from their homes after the death of their parents. Read More...
Kansiime Annet is a 17 year old girl who was attending school (Primary.7) when she became pregnant. She was referred to Bringing Hope to the Family's Crisis Pregnancy Center by a social worker on May 18, 2015 with a very advanced case of vaginal warts. Read more Detailed Success Stories

Our Current Education Needs

BHTF @ 18 Years of Service-Glory Be To God

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