Bringing Hope to the Family When I first got to Kaihura Trading centre on the 20th of September 2000, I did not know that all that has happened will be! It was as if I had become a mad woman leaving a profession and a Job coming to the village to serve the most vulnerable in my community. Service was the driving factor.
Surely my zeal was not in myself BUT in a power that superseded my own understanding and ability which was in God. There must have been a supernatural power pushing me, which I now truly believe.
Having been raised up by a single mother, in one of the poorest families of our days, there was not hope that anything good would come out of me and my family that would benefit the community leave alone my family.
I believed in myself, I acknowledged that I was not rich BUT had an asset which was my brain and a mouth and knew that I could accomplish much by speaking to people and God would change then, this time not with the message of the gospel alone but also the message of HIV/AID.
Though not gazetted in Uganda, HIV/AID had eroded families in my community killing most of the men and women that should have been in their 40 – 50s by and children who would have been the teenagers of today died at an early age. People where continuing to neglect their lives and giving up on life – There was no Hope for the future. Having lived and worked in the city I realise that there was a lot more that could be done around HIV/AIDS , poverty, and disease that was not being done in rural areas like Kyenjojo since alot of Organisations desired to work in the cities. So I opted to come to the village.
In the last ten years we have been able to see lives change and Hope return to the communities that we serve and this has been achieved through;
Medical care, Screen service, HIV/AIDS patients required that you test to be able to know your status. Many of the people that where living positive where not sure of their status and in the last 5years of the existence of the medical center we have been able to screen more than 25,000 people for HIV/AIDs and we today has a Positive living clientele of about 1700 people, of which majority of them receive HIV Positive Children, A lot of children have been rescued from Death by providing treatment and transport for referral for ART to Joint Clinic Research Centre, Fort Portal and Kyenjojo Health centre IV, Quality availably health service, qualified personnel, quality services (laboratory, Antenatal, HIV/AIDs Clinic) reduces on the community purchasing and seeking medical assistance from un qualified community outlets that sell medicines.
Orphans care, Educations, we have provided scholastic material, School fees, and psychosocial support, to more than 3000 from primary level to University. These children who would not have been able to go to school if we did not care. Their needs of exercise books, pens, uniform, pencil, sanitary pads, school fees, seem like a mountain before then, and most of them would miss school for not having anywhere to write and no one at home to purchase these items.
Children’s Home, (HomeAgain), more than 70 a Abandoned, neglected, chased away, children have been , providing them with food, housing, basic needs, mother care, Medical and spiritual nurturing. This home has brought hope to these children.
HighHope Junior School, this school was started to accommodate the education needs of the children in the children’s home but also to provide a better learning environment for all the children in the community. The school currently has 3 classes made out of temporary structures. Our hope is to grow this school in such a way that it will provide the best education for the children in this community and also give the orphaned child a better opportunity in life with quality education.
Vocational Skills, Dorcus Domestic Science School has offered a future to more than 320 Orphan by offering the skills in tailoring, Nursery teaching, Handcrafts, carpentry, and Modernised Agriculture.
Sustainable livelihood for the communities; more than 100 Families have been reached by improving the lives of the orphans at house hold level by training the entire family in modernised agriculture methods and providing them with farm inputs, distributing mosquito nets, providing clean water and teaching communities on sanitation.
The progress that is today is attributed to many factors; one of them being the great people God has brought our way over the last 10 years. We want to thank all of you for the love and support given to us to enable us be what we are today. God has used all kinds of people to be of great help to be able to reach the needy, God bless you.
Faith Kunihira
Founder and Executive Director
Bringing Hope to the Family

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