Save Patricia Nyunyuzi from Hydrocephalus

Need: $975 for surgery. DONATE NOW

Our dear friends please join us as management of Bringing Hope to the Family to Salute our dear Home Mother Violet who works at Home Again and has sacrificed her life to care for the orphaned children. She has spent two months in Hospital caring for Patricia who was admitted to the hospital due to malnutrition, but later her doctor realized that Patricia was also developing a hydrocephalus problem and has been referred to Cure Children Hospital in Mbale far in Eastern Uganda for surgery.

Patricia Nyunyuzi is 3 years old girl born in the village of Ikamero, Kigaraale. She has a weak nervous system which has affected her growth, she was born a normal child but later after 2 weeks she started crying too much and her mother Jennifer thought it was a normal condition. She was taken to Buhinga Hospital in Fortportal where the doctor reported to her mother that she had a meningitis problem and

  that it would affect her body response and growth. Patricia’s father died in a motor accident in March 2020, her mother Jennifer has two more children to care for where the youngest is 8 months. After the death of Patricia’s father, her mother was evicted from the land where her husband had left her by her husband’s relatives and she was sent away with nothing yet she had 3 young children to care for yet one of them was disabled. As an organization, we saw it best to resettle Patricia at the Children’s home in order to relieve her mother to work and care for the remaining two children.

Prayer request: please pray for Patricia’s life, currently her health has deteriorated and she drinks through a tube. Also, pray for a successful surgery.

Need: $975 for surgery. DONATE NOW