Future Hope Crisis Pregnancy Centre (FHCPC) is a department of Bringing Hope to the Family which cares for the young girls between the age of 13 to 18 years who drop out of school due to early sexual relations which leads to early pregnancies and unprepared marriages since some of the parents won’t let them stay at home after pregnancy.

The department has the following objectives;

  • Teaching the word of God to young girls and boys about things concerning sex in relation to all aspects of life especially encouraging them to abstain from sex until they are married to the people they love at the right time.
  • Keeping girls in school.
  • Ensuring healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for the young mothers.
  • Providing counselling for young girls during the time of pregnancy.
  • Reaching out to parents or guardians of both the girl and the boy concerning the girl’s welfare especially in the time of pregnancy.
  • Helping the girl live a normal productive life after delivery.
  • Working together with stake holders (the church, the local authorities, Schools and community members) to reduce the incidence of early sexual relations which lead to early unwanted pregnancies, dropping out of school and early unhappy marriages.

We ask the community leaders to help and make us aware of the girls who are either pregnant or have dropped out of school so as to help them.
Currently the department cares for 12 girls who are taught several skills in hair dressing, tailoring and crafts.
On 13th June 2017, the organization hosted 2 volunteers from Embrace Uganda, Mama Dot and Mama Nan taught the girls how to draw, actually most of them didn’t know how to draw but were amazed at how their drawings came out, and they were so excited.

Mama Nan teaching one of the girls how to draw,

12 girls participated, 3 girls were selected because of their drawings which came out best. The girls were taught block printing. Each girl was given a chance to print their own drawing. The girls were thrilled about the hidden talent of Art that they discovered in themselves.

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