Names                 :           Komuhendo Bridget Betty

Age                      :           18 years

Date of Birth      :           08/11/1997

Place of birth     :           Kyenjojo

Religion               :           Anglican

Village                  :           Mpunda

Sub County          :           Kyenjojo Town Council

District                 :           Kyenjojo

Occupation          :           Student

Bridget is a female Ugandan who was born in the sub county of kyenjojo town council, mpunda Village, Kyenjojo District.  She is 18 years old. She has both parents but her father is irresponsible and does not care about his children, its Bridget’s mother who tries to help Bridget and her siblings to attain education.  She has ten siblings, she is the fifth born, (5) the older ones got married and the young ones are in lower classes. Bridget said after her senior four, mother and father were unable to find money to send her for further education. Bridget’s mother had a friend who told her about bringing hope to the family, Bridget together with her mother came to Bringing Hope to the Family seeking for education support. She was taken back to school and now currently pursuing a diploma in compressive nursing.

Education Back ground

  • Went to Mpunda Primary school for seven years where she attained Primary leaving examinations with ten aggregates Division one.
  • Went to zika foundation school where she managed to attain Division two aggregates thirty Eight (39) from the Uganda National Examinations Board. ( UNEB)
  • Now she will be joining comprehensive nursing for two and half years (2 1/2yrs).


  • music dance and drama
  • Reading novels
  • Making friends
  • Playing netball

Future dream

Since she joined secondary school he desired to be a medical worker and of which the goal has is about to be fulfilled. 

future plans

After my studies, I want to help my community and family in medical care, Reducing poverty, Reduce on disease spread by sensitizing the community about healthy, and many others pertaining health of human beings. I will also support my family in Education and also help bringing hope through voluntary work at the clinic.

Fees a year is 5,000,000/= ($1,785)

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EDUCATION NEED: Komuhendo Bridget
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