Names              :           Kembabazi Anna Mary

Age                  :           18 years

Place of birth     :         Mukunyu

Religion           :           Catholic

Village              :           Miranga

Sub County       :           Butiiti

District              :           Kyenjojo

Occupation       :           Student

Mary is a Female Ugandan whose parents died while still young, and grew with the aunt who is in her eighties (80 yrs).
Mary after losing the parents, the old aunt decided to cater for her where she tried her best to support Mary both financially and physically reaching an extent of failing after Mary completed her  senior four and also the aunt was running older that she can no longer work hard to get the raised fees for  Mary. The Aunt and Mary came to bringing Hope to the Family to seek assistance where Mary was registered with Bringing Hope and we seek assistance for her. You together with Bringing Hope to the Family can help to transform Mary’s life and give her a bright future, please consider sponsoring Mary.
Education back ground

  • Went to St Mary’s primary school where she attained a certificate in primary leaving examinations with grade two.
  • Went to Kyebambe Girls S S where she managed to score Division two and the results qualified her to join nursing and midwifery.
  • Fort portal International school of nursing and midwifery up-to-date.


  • Likes reading story books

Future dream
She wanted to be a medical doctor or any medical worker and now her dream is like going to be achieved.
Tuition per year is  5,000,000/= ($1,785)
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EDUCATION NEED: Kembabazi Anna Mary
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