Names              :           Kanyesige Ritah

Age                  :           18 years

Date of Birth      :        1th, Nov, 1998

Place of birth     :         Kaihura

Religion             :         Protestant

Village              :           Kaihura

Sub County       :         Butiiti

District              :         Kyenjojo

Occupation        :        Student

Ritah is a female Ugandan who lost the mother at the infant age and grew with the paternal grandmother. Ritah has a father who is a peasant farmer and also a polygamous man with many children of whom Ritah knows ten of them and does not educate them. Ritah among the Ten she is the fourth born.

Ritah all her life time attached herself to relatives who educated her up to Senior four and resigned from there that they do not have money to proceed her for further studies. Ritah  after failing to get tuition from her relatives for further studies, with the desire was to be a nurse, thought about that and started crying  and also came to bringing Hope offices crying explaining her challenge and due to too much cry, Bringing Hope to the family staff was passionate with her where they had to register her.

 We are seeking support for Ritah to attain a good future. 

Education back ground

  • Went to Kaihura primary school for seven years where she attained a certificate in primary leaving examinations with Division two.
  • Went to Mpanga Secondary school where she attained second grade.
  • Going to Fort Portal international nursing school (FINS) for her enrolled nursing and midwifery.


  • Likes playing net ball and volley ball

 Her Dream
She desired to be a nurse and now her dream is about to be achieved.
Tuition per year is  5,000,000/= ($1,785)

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EDUCATION NEED: Katwesigye Ritah
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