Names : Kabakozi Teddy
Age : 20 years
Date of Birth : 11th December, 1995
Place of birth : Kipeepa
Religion : Pentecostal
Village : Kipepa
District : Kyenjojo

Teddy is a female Ugandan who has both parents but abandoned her with the grandmother since she was still a baby. The mother went to be remarried to another man and the father is unknown where he is. He has siblings four of them of which they do not value Education at all and she is the only girl. The grand mother is a peasant farmer who managed to raise her and supported her with Education from primary one to senior six and as she is growing old she became weak thus she cannot work hard to cater for her university money of which Teddy’s whole dream is to become a lawyer. Teddy says that the situation she passed through she considers herself as an orphan because she has never seen any of her biological parents as they abandoned her since child hood and never catered for Education.

Education background
She is currently waiting to go for her university which she hopes will start in July after getting assistance from bringing Hope to the family
She went to secondary school where she qualified to join law with Division one.
She went to primary school where she qualified to join secondary with Division one

Tuition per year is 5,000,000/= ($1,785)

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Education Need: KABAKOZI TEDDY
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