Names             :           Gumoshabe Immaculate

Age                  :           17 years

Date of Birth     :           9th,Nov,1999

Place of birth    :           Kabira

Religion            :           Pentecostal

Village              :           Kabira

District             :           Kabale

Back ground
Immaculate is a female Ugandan who has the mother and the father died while she was still a baby. After the death of her father, the mother struggled to raise all the children who are four in number, failed and ran to find money that would help the children where the mother damped them with the maternal grandmother who raised them. After three years the mother had to come back explaining where she was and decided to take the older children and left immaculate with the grandmother who later failed to care for her education needs and brought Immaculate to the mother who still would not manage to raise money for the fee and decided to come to Bringing Hope to the family to ask for assistance.
Education Back ground

  • Completed her senior four at Kaihura Parents secondary school and prefers joining primary teaching at Canon Apolo Core primary teachers college.


  • Teaching
  • Listening to gospel songs

Future dream
She wants to be a primary teacher
Fees per year:2,100,000/= ($750)

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EDUCATION NEED: Gumoshabe Immaculate
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