Names              :           Ayebale Christopher

Age                    :           22 years

Place of birth   :           Kyongera

Religion             :           Pentecostal

Village                :           Kaihura

Sub County       :           Butiiti

District               :           Kyenjojo

Occupation        :           Student

Back ground

Christopher is a male Ugandan who lost all his parents while he was an infant due to HIV/ AIDS and was left alone in the house at the age of seven years while he was also affected by the Virus. Christopher stayed alone in the house sick, young without anybody taking care of him Until when he was discovered by the neighbours very sick and reported the issue to Bringing Hope to the Family which saved his life  by resettling him in the orphanage (home again) which took him  for treatment where he got healed again and was taken back to school. Since that time he grew in the orphanage where he exercised his rights and became a grown up child.

Education Back ground

  • Went to Kaihura Primary school where he attained a primary living certificate with 2nd grade.
  • Went to Kaihura parents secondary school and attained 1st grade which results led him to do a nursing course where he will be going.
  • Joining Virika nursing school for his certificate in enrolled nursing for two and half years.


  • Likes Charting with friends
  • Reading story books
  • Music

Future dream

Since child hood he wanted to be a medical worker and with his first grade decided to join nursing and of which goal is going to be achieved.

Tuition per year is  5,000,000/= ($1,785)

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EDUCATION NEED: Ayebale Christopher
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