Our Core Values
Compassion: We seek to follow Jesus in His identification and assistance and handling of the poor, the powerless, the afflicted, the sick and the oppressed especially the children.
Dignity: Dignity bestowed equally on women and men by dignifying those that we serve by helping them feel valuable in life specially those that have been undressed by diseases and poverty.
Trustworthy: To be trustworthy in great and small resources entrusted to us by various people or organizations and ensuring that resources reach the desired person whom it’s been donated.
Service: Demanding high standards of professional competence and accepting the need to be accountable.
Excellence: We work towards providing excellent services in Education, health, self sustainability, so that all those that we reach will excel in their lives.

Our Core Objectives

  • To improve and offer formal and information education to orphans and valuable children in the district.
  • To provide available, accessible, and quality medical are to the communities and families that are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Strengthening and develop the ability of bringing hope to be able to care and provide services to the communities that they work with.
  • Improving on the household income of families that care for orphans and vulnerable children in order for them to become self sustainable and have sufficient food and income.
  • To Provide a place called “Home Again” for the orphans who are homeless.
  • To Offer psychosocial support to communities around us.
  • To reduce risk behaviors and promote positive change in the community. Promote and support good health and hygiene of children and their families so as to improve on the health and well being of the families.
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