The retreat took place from  21st May 2017 to 24th May 2017, where 200 students participated.  Different sessions that were conducted during the retreat.


it was led by  Mr. Mugume Bright,  he shared  Joseph’s story in the bible from Genesis 37:12 where by Joseph was sold by his brothers but when they came to him looking for food he forgave them welcomed them and provided food to them. in his message he mainly focused on; being faithful to God, standing by your heart and forgiving just like Joseph forgave his brothers. After his sharing students shared what they learnt from the message.


It was led by Mr. Murunga Stephen, he shared and read the whole book of Jonah in the Bible together with students reading chapter per chapter and after reading students were divided into ten groups each of 20 students were they were told to read again and note down, after each group shared with the entire group what they learnt from the story.


Career Guidance : It was led by Mr. Mwanje Zacharias Head teacher at Kaihura Parents Senior Secondary School, he shared about God fearing, subject selection in advanced level and to encouraged students to choose role models with in the community mostly successful ones and follow their example.


Motivation Speaker: Mr. Mulindwa Joseph Director Political Affairs, shared his life and success story with students, where he came from the hardships he went through but because of his determination he succeeded.


Music and Dance Show: Students were asked to entertain and different groups came up and they were given opportunity to show their talents through music and dancing. After this students shared their testimonies individually as a way of thanking God and encouraging others.

Students performing Music Dance and Drama

SESSION 6. It was led by Kobusinge Monica she shared from Deuteronomy 8:1 it was about obeying the carefully all the commands from both God and parents she emphasized on not forgetting the Lord. After Monica, Bright shared about humility reading from Luke 14:4 he shared that we cannot control everything and pride has terrible consequences he emphasized on respecting others so as to earn respect.


Motivation Speaker: Mr. Bob Rash shared about success and flexibility. He called upon students to plan for success, to use opportunity but all through hard working he encouraged the students by saying that by him being flexible he became successful.

SESSION 9: It was led by Mama Abwooli Faith and it was about DOING GOOD she read from Genesis 4 which was the story of Cain and Abel. She shared that because of Abel doing good in offering to God, God appreciated his offering. She shared with students that they should not do good things for people but for themselves and through doing good people will recognize them.

Group photo after the retreat

The students were motivated in a number of fields for example spiritually by the different topic sharing, physically by games and in the morning they would do general cleanliness and socially through interaction and some of them created new friends.

The students gained a lot spiritually as different personalities in the Bible were tackled. For example the character of Joseph which helped them to be faithful, the character of Abel and Cain which taught them to take care of each other.



BHTF 2017 Students Retreat
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